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Since its inception in May of 1966, Glopak’s focus has been on continued growth, innovation and customer satisfaction. We are using solar energy to make production more environmentally friendly. Our bags and liners are recyclable. Whenever possible, we recycle during the production process.


Glopak Corporation began operating in the 1960's when polyethylene became a popular means of packaging. Over the past 50 years, Glopak has grown to its present position as a leading source of packaging for plastic bag liners, trash liners and sheeting through out the United States.





Glopak Corporation is a competitive producer of high quality custom polyethylene products. We have been supplying the market place for over 50 years.

Glopak specializes in manufacturing custom quality industrial products. Our bags, film, liners and stretch wrap are tested to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our procedures enable us to demonstrate unsurpassed values that customers have grown to respect.

In addition to our stock products, Glopak can custom manufacture bags to your specifications.



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